Thailand is a country which has favourable climate all the year round. This is due to geographic location of the Thailand. You can rent a house in Thailand and be sure that weather will not disappoint you.

Thailand has dewy tropical and subequatorial climate. There are almost 2000 km between the northern and the southern border of the country. This makes Thailand’s climate the most various among other countries of Southeast Asia. The climate lets Thai people collect the harvest of the basic crops several times per year.

Before you rent a house in Thailand, you have to know about three weather seasons in Thailand. From November to February there is the cool season, when average temperature is about 25°C and the days are mostly sunny. If you want to rent a house in Thailand exactly in this period, you will have to pay higher price. Next season is the hot one. It lasts until May. If you can’t stand the heat, then it is better not to choose this season for your vacation. The temperature can increase until 40°C during the season. However hotels offer discounts exactly in the hot season. So you could rent a house in Thailand at a good price. Starting from June the rainy season comes, although it doesn’t stop tourists from visiting Thailand. It is raining every day, but rain appears usually on the afternoon and lasts not more than an hour. Mornings are sunny, that makes everything dry fast. If you are on a budget, rent a house in Thailand in the rainy season. The prices are the lowest during this season.

Choose the most comfortable weather conditions for you and go on wonderful and unforgettable Asian vacation!

16 Mar 2012