Some time ago I stepped on a invoicing software that seems to fit my business needs. I have been working with it now for a quit a while, so I decided to write a simple review for a simple to use invoicing software. I categorized things that I find important and will go deeper in to them.

Learning time, intuitive design

For me it is important, that I can learn it in a short time. This depends on not making simple thing unnecessary complicated and making intuitive tools to work with. This is really a big deal and it's in no way the easiest part for the invoicing software developers. It's similar to the old teacher-student disconnection, where the teacher is to much in this knowledge to step outside and understand, that things that seem for him so obvious, for a newcomer make no sense. This part is worked out very well in this system. There is a fast access help and a lot of hints that guide the user trough the features. And a lot of clever short-cuts are present, so you don't have to walk to much trough menus. As for the intuitive part, there is not much to discuss, because intuition doesn’t comes from lot of thinking – it is or is not. For this solution I would give 9 from 10, where in comes to intuitive tools – at least that's what I feel first time walking trough it.

As for cons. I don’t like the settings, account and support menus beside invoicing tools that you use on daily basis – like add invoice, customer, items and etc. Because those are things that users use very rare. Like prolonging membership, or changing registration number or company name. I would like those menus smaller and placed somewhere else.


Simple and enough. Users can add items, taxes, clients and than create invoices by combining this data. If you have some invoices, that need to be send contentious, there is a option to create (or convert a existing) recurring invoice. The invoice creation screen it self is very understandable and dynamic. Users can add clients, taxes, items in this screen as well. So basically if you don't need to change, for example client data, you can do all invoicing from one screen. The created invoice can be send by email or printed. Invoices have statuses – for example, if one is paid, you can record that (what is another present must-be feature) and the status will be “paid”. Or in other situations “half paid”, “overdue” or some other status. To be honest, as I don't need other features and I'm not into delivering a throughout review, I wont point them out .

No cons here.


The support is very good. I have asked some questions and sent some suggestions, and the responses always were very fast and positive. So no cons here again.


The price is very fair. You can check out the price table for your self. And there is a 60 day kick-starter bonus with all features included. If you buy longer membership, there comes a good discount. So no cons here, except that I always want things more cheaper.

And that’s. it All other things in my opinion are self-evident or of non importance. I know this is not a very good example for a useful review, but still I did It. So grab what you can from this and if there are any questions, leave them in comments - I will try to answer them.

31 Jul 2012